2008-04-18: Arrow Comics & Sisters Comics, are proud to announce Owosso Taco House Funnies #1.

2007-08-08: Arrow is co-authoring "Owosso Taco House Funnies" #1

2005-05-06: Arrow Comics is proud to announce the long-awaited return of FANTASTIC FANZINE!

2004-09-25: Arrow Celebrates 20 Years With The Arrow Almanac

2004-09-24: Arrow announces the Arrow Comics Fund

2004-04-02: Abdul Rashid doing covers for Image Comics.

2003-03-19: Semantic Lace goes to Image

2003-01-02: Update to the shipping status of Zimm's Heroic Tales

2002-09-19: Arrow announces their second book: Zimm's Heroic Tales Tpb

2002-04-19: Arrow announces their first book: The War of the Worlds: Haven and the Hellweed

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