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Complete Sets
Sets Arrow Anthology
Dark Oz
Dead Vol 2
Land of Oz
Spank the Monkey: On The Comic Market
Tales From the Aniverse
War of the Worlds: Haven and the Hellweed

Original Art

Arrow Comics 4.0
Arrow Books Scenes From The Clubs
Scenes From The Clubs
Owosso Taco House Funnies
War of the Worlds: Haven and the Hellweed
Zimm's Heroic Tales

Arrow Comics 3.0
Arrow Comics: A - C Arrow Anthology
Bill Bryan's Oz Collection
Butterfly Gunn (Shirow Otomo's...)
Camelot's Last Knight
Arrow Comics: D - K Dark Oz
Dead Vol 2
Descendants of Toshin
Dr. Goyle
Korvus Vol 2
Arrow Comics: L - R Land of Oz
Miss Chevious: The Armageddon Project
Arrow Comics: S Semantic Lace
Simone & Ajax (Arrow Spotlight on...)
Spank the Monkey
Spank the Monkey: On The Comic Market
Shock and Spank: The Monkeyboys Special
Arrow Comics: T - Z War of the Worlds: The Memphis Front
Wogglebug Special

Arrow Comics 2.0
Arrow Comics: A - Z Dead
Fantastic Fanzine Vol 4

Arrow Comics 1.0
Arrow Comics: A - M Deadworld
Legend Lore: Tales from the Realm
Arrow Comics: N - Z Nightstreets
System 7
Tales From the Aniverse

Arrow Comics 0.0 (Pre-Arrow)
Arrow Comics: A - Z Fantastic Fanzine Vol 1
Fantastic Fanzine Vol 2
Fantastic Fanzine Vol 3

Other Companies
Other Companies: A - C Amazing Heroes
Aniverse, The
Caliber Presents
Caliber Spotlight
Other Companies: D Daemonstorm: Deadworld
Daemonstorm: Legendlore
Daemonstorm: Oz
Deadworld Vol 2
Deadworld Vol 3
Deadworld Archives
Deadworld: To Kill a King
Other Companies: E - N Fool, The
Just Imagine Comics and Stories
Motor City Comic Con Program
Other Companies: Oz Oz
Oz: Romance in Rags
Oz: Straw & Sorcery
Oz Special: Freedom Fighters
Oz Special: Lion
Oz Special: Scarecrow
Oz Special: Tinman
Other Companies: P - Z Quest for Dreams Lost
Realm Vol 2
Realm of the Dead
Realm Handbook
Saga of the Realm
Tales From the Aniverse Vol 2
Varcel's Vixens
War of the Worlds: Haven and the Hellweed
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